As leaders in our profession we want to inspire, motivate & share knowledge that we have learnt on our travels around the world.

We have been privileged to present lectures, speeches & professional development workshops across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Asia & North America.

Our clinical workshops for students have included multiple Advanced Airway Workshops with wet lab hands on with animal parts, Pre-hospital ultrasound, Advances in Trauma Care, Gold Coast Trauma scenarios, Iatrogenic Trauma, Interview Techniques & Resume Writing, Remote Paramedicine in Austere Environments (with suturing wet lab), Wilderness Medicine, Transition from graduate to qualified paramedic.

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Team Australia EMS
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Team Australia EMS
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Team Australia EMS

Our last speaking engagements were at the Student Paramedics Australasia International Conference in Brisbane on 3-4 October 2019 where we presented:

  • Clinical Workshop on Remote Paramedicine in an Austere Environment

  • Clinical Workshop on Point of Care Ultrasound in Pre-hospital setting

  • Announced winners of the FernoSim Challenge in conjunction with Ferno Australia

  • Introduction of the Team Australia EMS Student Paramedic International Professional Development Tours

  • Presentation with our USA partners on unique & exciting employment opportunities for Australian Paramedics in the USA

Visit the SPA website at https://www.studentparamedic.org.au for more information

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If you would like us to present at your event or conference please contact via the contact form below