Professional Development Tours

Team Australia EMS' core values are Clinical Excellence, Professionalism & Integrity.   We incorporate these into everything that we do.  It is why we exist & our motivation to thrive.

Following our successes in the international arena, competing against top paramedic teams from around the world, Team Australia EMS have elected to motivate & mentor our future paramedic leaders to achieve greatness.    We want to provide them with the skills & knowledge to differentiate themselves from the rest of their cohorts, to make them the best, & most employable new graduate paramedics.

To this end in 2015 we invited 13 Australian & New Zealand Paramedic students to join us on a Professional Development Tour to Cape Town, South Africa.   The tour was a resounding success with students working alongside & observing, Critical Care Paramedics in a high acuity trauma setting.     The students worked with multiple emergency services, visited aeromedical operations & hospitals, & toured the best highlights & attractions, including shark cage diving, 5 star safaris & interactions with wild cheetahs.

Students attended Professional Development workshops with Team Australia EMS, ER24 & Life Healthcare as well as visited the Cape Peninsular University Undergraduate Degree program.   Students also had a tour of the South African Red Cross Air Mercy Service.

It is our aim to lead & mentor our future paramedics & inspire them to achieve greatness.    As we tell our students, "You do not study to pass the test.  You study to prepare for the day that you are the only thing between a patient & the grave"

This year Team Australia EMS are embarking on two more international tours - South Africa & the USA. 

South Africa Tour

Following a very successful Professional Development Tour to Cape Town, South Africa, last year, Team Australia EMS are returning to Cape Town with a fresh group of keen & eager students this year.   We will be partnering with world class emergency services including ER24, Life Healthcare, South African Red Cross Air Mercy Service, Ysterplaat Medical Supplies & the South African Police Services to show our students life as a Critical Care Paramedic from an entirely different perspective.    Students will see first hand how paramedics manage high acuity trauma patients from the scene right through the emergency department & into the theatre & ICU.

Students will be attending medical workshops prepared Team Australia EMS, Life Healthcare & ER24 & they will visit the Cape Peninsular University undergraduate Paramedic degree faculty to network with upcoming Critical Care Paramedics.

Students will also be touring around Africa's Mother City & experiencing life in the beautfiul South Africa.

USA Tour

Being a global leader in Paramedicine, Team Australia EMS will also be embarking on a Professional Development Tour to the USA this year.   The team will be splitting in two with one group travelling to South Africa at the same time as the second group travel to the USA.

We have partnered with some of the USA EMS leaders especially Editor-In-Chief of JEMS Magazine, AJ Heightman & Dr Bryan Bledsoe, Emergency Physician & EMS Author.   The students will be visiting JEMS HQ in San Diego, & working with paramedics in Los Angeles, before travelling to meet undergraduate degree student paramedics at the Loma Linda University to network with upcoming USA paramedics.   A trip is also planned to the UCLA paramedic campus.

Students will then travel to the famous Las Vegas, Nevada where they will visit the Las Vegas Shock Trauma Centre, & work with paramedics on the Strip & the highways & byways around Nevada.  

Students will also be touring around Los Angeles - Hollywood, Anaheim (DisneyWorld & Universal Studios) as well as the Grand Canyon & Las Vegas highlights.