Paramedic Competitions

Team Australia EMS is Australia's Number 1 competitive paramedic team.  

Having won world class competitions in the USA, Europe & Asia, Team Australia EMS are rated amongst the best paramedic teams in the world.

The original Team Aussie won the inaugral JEMS Games at the EMS Today Conference in the USA in 2005.  This really put Australian paramedics on the world stage to be respected amongst the best in the world.

Team Australia EMS then went on to win the Asia Pacific Professional Rescuer Competition against international teams in Singapore in 2012.  This was a tough competition - the teams were outsanding, & the standard extremely high.

Team Australia EMS travelled to Europe in 2013 for their greatest challenge, the world class Rallye Rejviz competition where they underwent a gruelling series of scenarios against 22 international teams from  16 countries.   Team Australia EMS won the competition against top paramedic teams from Bosnia & Hertzegovina, Czechia, Japan, Canada, Cyprus, Lithuania, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia & Slovenia.  

Team Australia EMS went on to be invited judges at the JEMS Games, at the EMS Today Conference in the USA in 2014 & then the internationally acclaimed Ferno Australia Paramedic Simulation challenges in Australia.

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